Saturday, December 3, 2011


Portugal is one of my favorite countries in Europe, and one that I hope to visit again.  The History of a country that was years ahead in Sea Exploration, the quaint and charming streets and buildings, the amazing views, the warm people, the food... I could go on and on!... Oh, and did I mention that its the least expensive country to visit in Europe?...Just walking through the different areas of Lisboa, which is set on 7 hills, you sort of get taken back in time, however, the Portuguese people are very modern and dress to impress!...
something I didn't really see coming.

My room at Zuzabed Bed & Breakfast (it was incredible, with Luis being an incredible host!)

Rossio Square - My B&B was waayy up all those stairs...I didn't count them, but its more than 100!)

Rossio Square - at the foot of my B&B Zuzabed... after walking down the100+ steps

Jeronimos Monastery

Triumphal Arch - Praca de Comercio

Praca de Comercio - Lisboa

99% of the Streets are steep like this!

One of the Many Amazing Viewpoints of Lisboa

My TripAdvisor Friend Judy

Typical Electrico Tram

Another View of  the street right outside my room
Quinta da Regaleira, - Sintra, Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira - Passageways (bring a flashlight, its dark in there)

Quinta da Regaleira (you could really spend all day here, its incredible)

Castelo dos Mouros - Sintra

The Coast, Portugal

Sunset from Ponto Final Restaurant (amazing comforting food & views) its really a must go!)

Ponto Final Restaurant - "Tomato Rice" cooked directly in the clay pot. Superb flavors and make sure you scrape the bottom of the pot, it may not be too fancy, but its the best part, the slightly caramelized rice and broth stuck at the bottom. Yummy!!

Museo dos Coches

Traditional Portuguese Pastry - Pasteis de Nata (Crunchy base & Creamy Yummy Custard)

View of the Hills from my Bed & Breakfast Room (Notice the Castle in the Background) How many places have a view like this, hu?

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