Monday, December 5, 2011

20 Facts about me

  1. My favorite part about travel is actually the research & anticipation of the trip.
  2. I have a phobia of flying (Ironic, I know) any little bit of turbulence, I think we're going down.
  3. My favorite city is Lisboa
  4. My favorite country is Spain
  5. If I don't go anywhere in a few months, I get anxious and bored.
  6. I'm a total foodie, but love street food
  7. Australia is NOT on my Bucket List
  8. I have a nitch for finding amazing travel deals
  9. I can easily walk 5 miles per day in Europe (in heals)
  10. I never wear flats, and the few times I did, my feet hurt.
  11. I wish I spoke Italian & Japanese (I do however speak English & Spanish)
  12. I will save money on everything in order to satisfy my Travel Obsessions.
  13. My son has more stamps on his passport than I did at his age.
  14. One day, I will travel without having researched EVERYTHING! Promise!
  15. I love, love to throw stuff out... and sometimes, I needed it!
  16. The only thing I have a hard time getting rid of, are Hotel & Airplane amenities (I love to collect them)
  17. Travelling "Light" makes me feel like a Frequent Flyer
  18. I make conversation with anyone who will listen
  19. I love to travel "Solo" although I was scared the 1st time.
  20. I never had so much beer as when I went to Ireland!

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