Monday, December 12, 2011


Ok, so I'm probably a bit bias, having  lived here 6 years out of my young life and had an amazing time doing so, in fact, I still visit my childhood friends whenever I get a chance to escape to such a gorgeous place.
However, I have been to Argentina as a  tourist, and visited quite a few other countries... so I believe have some qualifications... right??
Alright Here goes,

  1. Malbec!... Yes, I love it, you'll love it too.  The Mendoza wine country is amazing with the most spectacular scenery.   There's nothing better than sipping some amazing wine (like Achaval Ferrer) and seeing the Andes mountains so close you feel you could touch them and covered in snow.
  2. Beef! baby... I admit I don't normally consume beef as a true Argentine descendant, but its only because I am very picky... but don't worry... Argentina knows BEEF!... make sure to try the Asados!
  3. Long Haul Buses... are out of these world! really!  It's hard to impress a 9 yr old boy with anything, but even my son thought the Suites in the overnight bus with CATA International were "sick" (which I think its the equivalent of "cool") my! I'm getting old!
  4. Pastries... Bizcochos, Facturas mmm! soo good!  In Argentina Pastries are called "Facturas" and Bizcochos are sort of like a denser, buttery-er version of Biscuits (on steroids!) LOL All the pastries are buttery, melt in your mouth little mounds of heaven! :)
  5. Nightlife... You really have to experience... Nothing starts until 1 or 2 am...  and no one goes home until the sun is coming out!

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