Sunday, December 4, 2011

David Burke's Primehouse-Chicago

Chicago... known for its amazing architecture and of course, a foodie's paradise.  Here is my opinion on the places we dined while in the city over Thanksgiving weekend.

David Burke's Primehouse (Thanksgiving dinner - Pre-fix menu)

Its hard to judge a steakhouse when you didn't really have any steak, but there's a good reason for that.  Being Thanksgiving night, I really didn't think it would be the best night to sample on of there dry aged meats, as I am very picky, and did not want to be dissapointed. I was rather sure they would be focusing on the Pre-fix menu which included all the obvious for a night like this:  Turkey (white and leg confit), sweet potato mash, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce and dessert.

Appetizers: My son ordered the scallops and as usual, his choice was a good one.  They were very good, perfectly cooked.  (Future foodie!)

I Ordered the Steak Tare Tare which I loved.  It came with Shrimp tempura which were tasty but overcooked.

Lobster Salad:  Huge chunks of Lobster were well appreciated, but lacking a good amount of acidity.

Pumpkin Soup:  Too thick and I would have liked it a bit more savory, as the sweet notes were very predominant.  But good.

Salad with Cranberries & walnuts: I didn't taste it, as it was my moms, and I was really not in the mood for anything green... she said it was good, but a salad nonetheless.  Nothing spectacular.

Turkey:  was good, nothing to write home about... (honesty, my mom makes the best tasting with lovely notes of mushroom & white wine) and DB's did not even come close...and it tasted a bit gamey.

Salmon: My son ordered this and it was cooked to perfection, albit missing some acidity... we both agreed that a little lemon would of made it much better... such a simple addition, but it was missed.

Green Beans: raw!... need I say more... they were beyond crunchy... I didn't send them back, but I should of.

Stuffing, Sweet potato mash with toffee bits: Stuffing was well seasoned and moist, but traditional.  Sweet potato mash was mixed with regular potato, which I appreciated, making the dish less sweet and although I loved it combined with the toffee, it stuck to your teeth, not pretty.

Desserts:  Apple cheesecake was the best, nice cream cheese notes with a nice acidity from green apples.  The crust was sweet and very good (and I usually leave it) but this one was good.
Profiteroles: The shell was not crunchy outside, and the inside was a bit undercooked... not impressed, and we did not finish it.
Creme Brulee: for me, it was not dense enough, however, i know this is not the same version as the Spanish one, which in turn is more so.  but nonetheless, it tasted a bit eggy and not enough caramelized sugar on top.

Overall, I'd say the food as a whole was average.  I will give it another chance on  my next trip to Chicago and will order the dry aged steak.  However, I thought it was a good deal for the price, being Thanksgiving: $45 for adults, $15 for children.


  1. Did you try out anything else, or just David Burke's?

  2. Yes, went to Mercat, Tru (Dessert Tasting) which was amazing, Breakfast @ The Bongo Room and Beard Papas... keep an eye out, I'll be putting up reviews and pictures this weekend. Feel free to ask any questions :)