Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After many months of waiting, I finally got to try the hottest stop in Barcelona, The Adria Bros. new place, TicketsBar & 41 Degrees. 
Tickets was a fun experience, not something you have to put on a gown for and get all dolled up, which was great, because as a tourist, I was walking around under the hot Barcelona sun, but I did manage to look decent, as you'll see in my picture. 
Many people have been turned down or away for not having made reservations 3 months in advance, so I definitely consider myself very lucky. It was a highlight to see Mr. Albert Adria in the house, running back and forth, making sure all was running smoothly in the house, although I didn't get to see Ferran, I went for the amazing "small bites". 
Tickets Menu is more extensive, but changes often, 1 dish I wanted, they didn't have anymore, but everything I tried was an adventure for my taste buds.  41 Degrees was a much more fun experience, maybe it was the fact that I had 2 of those delicious drinks you'll see at the bottom, or that I was lucky to have been seated at the bar (instead of the small tables) by 3 other American "Foodies" just like me. We spent all night there, comparing notes, chatting mostly eating and taking pictures, and ordering after the other ordered the same thing (you know, when someone orders something, then you "have" to try it!) LOL 
It was well worth all the wait and the hype...

Quail eggs with runny center and yummy seasoned breadcrumbs and gray salt

TicketsBar Menu in the form of a story book

Tomato Salad (the best tomatoes I've had...peeled and seeded with a tomato water Gelee, basil oil, and fresh basil..oh soo good!

Albert Adria, right in front of my seat (at the bar) the best seat in the house, very serious, showing the chefs proper technique on a dish
One of the chefs meticulously putting together my salad (which he recommended)and it was very good!
Me at TicketsBar (OK, i look like I've just come from running a marathon, which is probably true...I did sooo much walking!)

The famous "olives" from El Bulli...(you know, they are not real olives, right?)...amazing taste...they explode in your mouth with the best tasting olive juice you've ever had...
Jamon de Toro (the fattiest part of the tuna brushed with the fat of Jamon Iberico...(again, another delicious dish!)
@ 41 Degrees with my newly found foodie friends...had the best time!...it was great comparing notes!

@41 Degrees-Isn't this the most beautiful drink you've ever seen??...took like 10 minutes to make infused with cocoa beans...and the best (and I mean the best) drink I've ever had! refreshing, not too sweet (I don't like sweet drinks) and an aroma and taste of the cocoa beans...unbelievable!

41 Degrees-The famous "Parmesan Ice Cream Sandwich"...imagine cheese-its crackers ice cream LOL

Blackberry profiteroles with the best plain Greek yogurt...this was my favorite...I wish i would have had another one!

Coconut and Lime Marshmallows (don't even think Marshmallows in that bag you buy, please)...these were spectacular!

Fake "Pistachios"...these look like the real thing...but when you put them in you mouth, they dissolve into a creamy heaven!

Pistachios and Yogurt (the Yogurt is the white chips you see...and the pistachio is enveloped inside the chip...tasted amazing.

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  1. hi, i came over from kevineat's blog. looks like you had an amazing spain trip.

    btw, i'm planning a 2 week trip to spain/italy (1 week in each); and planning on hitting up barcelona and san sebastian. do you think madrid would also be possible?