Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cinc Sentits, La Paradeta...Barcelona

After much research, I decided that my Michelin star restaurant would be Cinc Sentits...its one of the hottest spots in Barcelona with consistently great reviews, so I gave it a shot.
It was very good, the service was very good, I went for lunch, so it was not as busy as if would have been at dinner time.  This also allowed me to have the rest of the day free to wonder around this beautiful city and not worry about making it on time for dinner.
The best dishes @ Cinc for me was the Scallop with artichoke pure (oh so good), and the chocolate with olive oil, bread crumbs and a touch of salt (amazing).  You couldn't imagine that olive oil would go well with chocolate, but it was a very fruity olive oil and really enhanced all the other flavors...and very decadent end to a meal.
The olive oil tasting is a separate charge than the rest of the tasting menu (but oh well right!) go big or go home!

La Paradeta (by the Sagrada Familia church) that is opened on Sunday, was perfect, fresh seafood that you choose by weight and they offer only a couple of ways to cook each one. Very fresh and tasty. Perfect after sightseeing the SF!

La Paradeta (open on Sunday by the Sagrada Familia) fresh fish & seafood that you pay by weight and there's only a couple of ways to cook it. I ordered Sepia fish (very very good) and this little creatures that (sorry) but for the life of me, can't remember the name. but all was very very good...and i didn't leave feeling bloated...just yummy satisfaction!

@ Cinc Sentits - Cava to start the adventures!

Olives stuffed with garlic (superb), spicy almonds and the middle was so forgettable I can't really remember (but not so good anyways)

Cinc's signature meal starter - A shot of maple syrup with creme anglaise ( I have read mix reviews about this one) but for me if was not overly sweet nor overpowering for the rest of my meals, it was interesting and very good.

Cinc's take on the classic Catalan dish Pa'am tomaquet - Bread croutons with garlic foam and tomato sorbet...small, refreshing and tasty.

Olive oil tasting- this is charged separately, but it was good (specially the darker olive oil) the olive bread also very good, but didn't like the fact that if you are in a restaurant that "only" does tasting menu's, then it should all be included in the price.

"This" is why I came here - coca de foie gras caramelized (very crunchy on top) sweet, delicious...oh-so-good!

Seared Scallop with Jamon Iberico chip and artichoke pure (this dish surprised me, because I don't usually eat the center of the scallop because its semi-raw, but it was incredibly sweet and so delicate...i absolutely loved was a whole new discovery...I just have to eat scallops like this one!

This dish was good, but forgettable, I honestly can't remember what was in it...but don't take me was good...not all dishes can be stars I guess, right?

Cochinillo (pork) with a super, super crispy top (OMG!) this was sooo good...i know I keep saying that, but this one was cooked sous vide for 12hrs!!! then caramelized on top until crispy perfection!

Cheese course...very good with home made accompaniments

Pistachio cake, pistachio paste with raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries and creme anglaise.

Thick yummy dark dark chocolate, thin layer of fruity olive oil, vanilla iced cream and breadcrumbs...decadent & delicious.

This was the last dish, good but again...can't really remember much of the flavors...but good.

Over all, I would give Cinc 4 of of 5 *...Most dishes were very good to excellent, but didn't like that the olive oil tasting was kind of hidden in between the you think its part of the tasting menu. 

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