Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quimet & Quimet, Barcelona

Quimet is one of the best places I visited in Barcelona. The "montaditos" are amazing, the service superb, its easy to find...and most importantly, its beyond good!
Because they look like small appetizers, you'd think you can manage a lot more...but these really fill you up, so I will just have to go back to this lovely city to try some more creations.
When you arrive, you just tell them what you'd like (some dishes, like the ones I had are sort of a "tradition") but they will make any combination on top of your yummy, crunchy bread...
Here's what I had:

Cheese plate with chestnuts and home made jelly & Bread plate

Outside Quimet

The counter with all the yummy toppings

Montadito of plain yogurt, smoked salmon, honey & balsamic...ohh so good!

Montadito of Cabrales, roasted red bell pepper, balsamic reduction and relish...superb!

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