Saturday, November 5, 2011

P.H.A.T. Pizza - Yorba Linda

Stuffed Crust Pizza - Chicago Style

Going to Chicago in less than 3 weeks, and being as "obsessive" as I am with things :) I couldn't wait...
We found P.H.A.T. Pizza in Yorba Linda, CA through a friend, did some research and thought it was worth the drive to check it out.

Here are a few things about the place:

Ambiance: There is none, you should know its more of a place to call ahead, place your order and pick up.  They do have a few tables, but the place is a whole in the wall, although very clean. (important)

Service:  The service was very good, they were courteous and talkative.  One thing I didn't like was the absence of napkins!... really... its a pizza place... they brought out paper towels... that is sooo not acceptable. Maybe they just ran out.. who knows... but the soda machine was also not working... giving me the feeling that these people are not in a hurry... they'll get to it when they get to it...

Food: here's what we had:

*Thin crust pizza (cheese and pepperoni)
The crust was amazing... although I cannot yet compare to Chicago's.  It was sort of like a short dough, with a nice buttery taste... I've never had a pizza crust like that.  If that is how Chicago's pizza crusts are like... I will for sure be packing my bags more often.
The sauce was just enough and not soup on dough, as most other pizzerias, because I hate when my pizza is drowning in sauce.  (there is an exception of course) and that is when the crust can handle it and when its appropriate for a larger quantity of sauce as in Chicago Style Stuffed or Deep Dish.
There was ample amount of cheese.  A very good thin crust pizza.

*Stuffed Crust: We choose the cheese and sausage (very classic Chicago Combo).  Basically the construction of this massive thing was: crust, cheese, sausage, crust and chunky sauce on top.
I would have liked the sausage to have a more important role in the pizza because I could barely taste it, it was very under seasoned for my taste.  The cheese as in the thin crust was liberally added to the stuffed pie and they did not skimp on this.  The sauce was nice and chunky, very well seasoned, not that sweet tomato-y stuff you get with others...
One thing I will note on the Stuffed Crust is that you sort of loose that buttery, short dough flaky crust you get in the thin crust, because of all the ingredients on top, its harder for the crust to remain moist free.  

Over all, i really liked the pizzas... both the Thin Crust and the Stuffed Crust. Although I didn't like the lack of napkins and soda machine, I would come back for sure because of the amazing pizza's and in the end, they were very nice and courteous.

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