Monday, November 14, 2011

DX Peruvian Restaurant - Santa Ana

After a hard day of shopping and catching up on the gossip with my sister, she decided to take me to this Peruvian restaurant in front of South Coast Plaza called DX Peruvian Restaurant.
Us two, along with her 2 cuttie toddlers choose to sit outside, relax and enjoy some tasty Peruvian cuisine in hopes to drown the gilt of how much we had just spend on the morning's shopping! LOL

The kids had a very traditional simple combo kids eat in Peru called "Salchipapas" ... for those few who don't get the simple compound word (you know who you are!) ... its Salchichas (hot dog wieners mixed with Papas or French Fries)... Nothing mind blowing for sure, but a nice change of pace from the usual suspects in kids menu's I thought.

The adults in the bunch decided on the "Saltado" I choose the Lomo (red meat) and Sis of course the much healthier option, Chicken Breast.

Both combined with an amazing, tasty broth, tangy wedges of tomato, sweet red onions and mixed with french fries and a side of white rice; which really could have been avoided all together, as it didn't add anything to the dish.  If there was a fault, I'd have to say, that would be the only one.
I much preferred the Lomo to the Pollo dish, but nonetheless, both amazing and great value's at $14.95 for the beef and $12.95 for the Chicken options.

Prior to the main dishes, they bring out this bright greens sauce, and bread and trying to decipher what was in the sauce, we realized we consumed all the bread.... and still, had not figured it out. So we resorted to the next best thing... our waitress.  She informed us that the main ingredient was Lettuce!... Lettuce, really?  for a sauce?... wow, OK... that's why we couldn't figure it out... who would think you can make such a tasty sauce with lettuce as a base?... it was really good, not too spicy and very creamy.

Will definitely come back! Check it out for your self. 

Pollo Saltado

Lomo Saltado


Salsa Verde made with Lettuce & Bread

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