Monday, November 14, 2011

Banh Mi My Tho - Alhambra

After reading so much about these sandwiches (Banh Mi are Vietnamese Sandwiches on a crusty yummy french baguette spread with pate, add some sweet pickled veggies, couple of slices of fresh cucumber and topped off with cilantro and your choice of meat) I had to try one for my self.

The whole sandwich experience was just amazing! the combination of the toasted crunchy french bread, the pate, charbroiled pork and all those fresh toppings were as good as it sounds or better. I really liked the pate in place of any other traditional spread (mayo, etc) and the freshness of the veggies and a little kick from the cilantro... wow! Even my mom who is a self proclaimed "picky" person with international foods or anything that does not sound familiar to her... was 100% on board with these.

Add to that, the fact that they are only $2.50 each for a huge yummy sandwich.  The egg rolls are also amazing and only $2 for 5 of them.  Great seasoning in the pork filling, extreme crunchy-ness bite after bite... these are the type of egg rolls my mom would make (if she made egg rolls) ... and trust me, that is a huge complement to Banh Mi My Tho.  You see, my mom is picky because she's an Amazing cook... so all my standards of comparison are to her cooking... As it should be.

#8 - Charbroiled Pork Banh Mi $2.50

Amazing crunchy pork egg rolls - $2 for 5 of them

#8 Charbroiled Pork Banh Mi - Whole sandwich

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