Monday, June 20, 2011

Paris and Versailles

The one on the right is a bedroom at the palace of Versailles, France...boy...would I love a bedroom like this! ...the palace is a must and totally worth a visit!
It's very easy to get to from Paris by metro... The one on the left was my room at the Hotel Sorbonne in Paris...modern version?...coincidence?..I think not!
By the way, great, inexpensive hotel, great area near everything.

Hall of mirrors (Left) and Bed of Louis IV (Right)

Versailles palace church (Left) and Palace from the outside (Right)

Streets of Paris... and Arc de Triumphe

Inside Notre Dame (Right) and Outside Notre Dame (Left) beautiful!...I was able to go up to the top, which requires lots and lots and lots of little tiny stairs...but way worth it for the incredible views!

Finally made it to the top of Notre Dame!...incredible views...on the right is a picture of Notre Dame up close once I got to the top.

These ones needs no introduction...

My favorite area of Paris has to be the Marais (the Jewish Qtr)...I took a wonderful walking tour on a chilly afternoon...then after the tour I went shopping in the gorgeous shops bought some perfumes and other things I didn't need! ja ja and bought from a street vendor a Ham & Cheese Crepe and Vin Chaud (hot wine) ...needless to say...i was very happy & was by best day in Paris! for sure will go back...

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