Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The pictures above were from my daytrip to Wicklow, Ireland. This was an incredible place, where pictures you take look like postcards...truly a place to go "camara happy". I don't think Ive ever seen so much green.. gorgeous bright green...even the trees! I bought the tour from the T.O. in Dublin (which was a former church transformed into the Tourist Office).

The picture on the Left is the Celtic Cross, you are suppost to hug it and make a wish! The
picture on the right is a random street in Dublin.

View from my hotel room (Left) Eliza Lodge...very conveniently located in Temple Bar...the area with all the pubs! ..On the right, is my friend "P" from Argentina living in Dublin, we had so much fun...our fav bar was Porterhouse...& their Strawberry Beer!

Tourist Office (Left) previously a church...& Temple Bar area (Right)...this picture was taken on a street around the corner from my hotel Eliza Lodge -how convenient!

Georgian style houses (Left), Me and "P" in Temple Bar (Center), Grafton Street famous for its shopping (Right)

Guinness factory and the Irish Stew with Guinness Beer in it! they make it inside the factory in the restaurant....this stew was sooo good! I also got to try and perfect my Beer pouring skills in the 4th floor of the factory and I even got a Certificate!

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