Saturday, June 25, 2011

Editing my blog is definitely becoming an adventure...

So, not that anyone reads this, but I've changed the colors, background etc, etc...about a million times in the past few days, which is driving me crazy. I think this qualifies as an adventure, one that I have put way too much energy in, and I'm sure I have much better use of that for something better, being Saturday and all...but I can't let it go, I want it perfect!
Like we say in Spanish..."ya pone el huevo!" ...which translates to "lay the egg already!" ... I know, I know...what difference can it make?, its what's on the inside that counts, right?, or in this case, it's the writing that counts...come on know what a little makeover can do? :)
I've looked at other blogs,(ok, I've been spying on other blogs) and they all inspire me to update mine...maybe I have "blog jealousy"? But hey you can always improve right?
maybe is the fact that I'm always in search of something better, maybe because I love change...
right now it will stay like it is...for the next few hrs...and then I'm sure if you come back later today, it will have changed again...sorry! :)
If you like any of them, definitely let me know, I little encouragement never hurts!
Happy Saturday everyone!

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