Friday, January 27, 2012


After much thought and consideration (and research!) I really fell in love with Granada, Nicaragua and Costa Rica's Rainforests & Beaches.
July 2012 I will be there with my son having an amazing time! We are so excited and cannot wait!
In the mean time, as you all know me, I've been doing massive amounts of research for this upcoming adventure... and I'll leave you with some of my favorite places:

Of course you cannot go to Costa Rica without a few days in Beach Paradise, right? ... Samara Beach is a beautiful little town on the Pacific side.  And the Samara Tree House Inn is truly the only place I want to stay! They have "tree houses located "on" the beach.  Its kind of a rustic paradise.  Next to the tree houses there is a nice surf shop and school where we hope (or at least I hope) to be able to stand up on one of those boards!

Your Own Private Hammocks

Samara Tree House Inn-Out Door Dining under your personal tree house

Samara Tree House Inn-Living Room with View of the Beach


the Arenal Observatory Lodge is the only lodging within the Arenal National Park.  From my research I know the food is sub-par and thus being the foodie that I am, I had to think about this one, but in the end a very wise person said: "When will you ever have a chance to stay in the middle of the Rainforest?"
Ok, I'm sold! That is very true, besides this place has amazing views, lots of hiking trails through the rainforest, a bar open until 10pm, pool and jacuzzi and a game room... who cares about food?  Ok, only for these 2 nights!

Arenal Observatory Lodge-Pool area overlooking the Rainforest

Rio Celeste-All day tour from Arenal

Arenal Observatory Lodge-Nearby Hanging Bridges through the Rainforest

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua-Town Center

Granada, Nicaragua
Masaya Volcano-Nicaragua


  1. You took such great pictures! This just makes me want to go to Costa Rica even more! The tree house inn and the Arenal National Park, Observatory Lodge, and Rio Celeste are all marvelous. I just love being around nature and this is definitely a dream place to live in!

    Katy Desroches

  2. Amazing pictures! Did you really get that close to Masaya Volcano’s crater? Looking down at it seems dizzying and scary! It gives me the feeling that I might fall into it. The Rio Celeste falls and Arsenal Observatory Lodge are just breathtaking. I hope to go to these wonderful places someday too!

    Gregoria Loth