Thursday, February 2, 2012


People always ask me how I am able to travel so well an a relatively low budget... well, besides the fact that I do tons of research (and love to share it with all of you) I have some trusted websites that I use.


This is my 1st stop... where I start asking questions in the forums (and God knows I ask a lot!).  Just choose the Country/City you are interested in, and ask away... "Regulars" of the forum are eager to always help you out.
(Make sure to always "thank" the Trip Advisor Members as many put in a lot of their time in answering questions)

Also great for asking questions on Tours, Lodging, Restaurants... I Don't Really only on the Reviews because those are sometimes from 2 sides of the poles: they either had an amazing (not typical) experience, or a horrible (not typical) experience... The Forum Experts are likely to give you a more honest and straightforward opinion.


I have used Kayak, which is Ok... Skyscanner is better (but it will not search multi-city which I tend to do a lot). 
With Matrix you can do multi-city searches, all airports in your area, search day before/after/2+ - days... lots of combinations... its Fantastic!

SKY SCANNER.COM will search crazy combinations!  Don't care where to go... Just input your city and choose "TO" Anywhere!..
Also you can choose to travel in certain months without specific dates... I love this website...I also have the IPOD/IPHONE APP... which is way too cool to put into words...but I will tell you that with the App, you can actually see the Globe and spin it... and it will give you prices to each Country!


I have been using for many years, and with good reason... its an amazing website that really makes your travelling life a lot easier!
Basically, you E-Mail all your reservations to your profile.. and it automatically organizes them, adds maps, Airline phone number, etc... you can also manually add things to your itinerary and notes... it much easier to print out 1 itinerary from TRIPIT.COM, than searching through all your emails and pint each individual Airfare Confirmation, Hotels, Tours, etc...  (also they have an APP)


Room 77, which uses official hotel data, reviews, and geographic coordinates to find the best accommodations for you. You’ll also find virtual room views via Google Earth and floor plans for thousands of hotels.Nice views and proximity to (or distance from) the elevator are just two of the criteria you can select. What ever happened to just trying your luck? LOL

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